Friday, May 3, 2013

All About The Lingzhi Mushroom

With the western world just cottoning on to the ancient health products of the orient, many scientists have performed countless hours of research into the best medicinal foods that have been used for centuries, and have been staples of oriental diets for years. Some of these new studies have found that many new super foods to come from Asia and beyond are proving their worth as realistic alternatives to modern western synthesised medicines.

The magical effects of the Lingzhi mushroom start with its ability to regulate the immune system, keeping you healthy across the board when it comes to fighting illnesses and disease in the short term. It also offers amazing protection in the long term by staving off health issues such as heart disease, reduction in the development of Alzheimer’s in later life and reducing the possibilities of some forms of cancers and tumours.

Key ingredients of Lingzhi

The main chemical ingredients of the Lingzhi mushroom provide a number of health benefits for people who eat the food regularly. Whilst there are many other products on the market that can offer these benefits, they are not quite at the same level, because the Lingzhi is an organic, natural-growing fungi. The first great benefit of this super food is that it is almost entirely non-toxic, and is therefore great for vegetarians, vegans and people wishing to take alternative medicine to modern pharmaceuticals.
One great ingredient in the Reishi mushroom are the polysaccharides which can have a direct impact on the body in the way that they help with maintaining a physiological balance. This also includes a natural rhythm of the immune defense mechanism in the body, as well as offering you aid with digestive transit. This makes for one of the best alternative medicines to take for a simple upset stomach, tummy cramps and even aiding irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to maintain a natural  rhythm throughout the day.

The effects and benefits of Lingzhi

With long-term regular use, the Ganoderma, or an extract or supplement that contains the bare minerals found inside the mushroom itself, can have drastic effects on the body and help to prevent future illness or diseases. With its track record of helping to regulate and aid five of the key large internal organs, Lingzhi offers you a chance to have a dramatic impact on your health, with just a small change such as taking a daily pill, droplet or powder supplement.

And with the research showing how dramatic the effect of using Lingzhi can be in everyday life, eating this food along with a slight lifestyle change can set you up for living healthier in later life, and help to prevent some of the most-feared illnesses and diseases out there. With its effect on the immune system being one of the key benefits, Lingzhi also has a great impact on improving bladder and liver functions by helping detoxify the organ and replenish and revitalise the damage that may have been caused by alcohol or old age.

Another key benefit that comes from using Ganoderma on a long-term, regular basis includes helping to improve circulation and blood flow around the body. With its active ingredients, Lingzhi has been proven to allow greater circulation in cardiac muscle capillaries, dilate coronary arteries and improve blood vessel flow throughout the body. These benefits alone will be music to the ears of anyone with a family history of heart disease, helping prevent the onset of heart problems in later life.

By adding Reishi supplements to your existing diet, you can help stave of future long-term illnesses such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s. In the shorter term you can take these addition herbal supplements to aid with digestion, and overall health and well-being, making the Lingzhi mushroom live up to its name of ‘supernatural mushroom’.  Ultimately, the Lingzhi mushroom gives you a head start in living a healthier lifestyle, and can be considered a star in the field of alternative medicine.

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